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Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall


Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall 
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2017 Plant & Tag Sale

Plant SaleOTH Beauty min

Successful Plant & Tag Sales at OTH

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Courtesy of Thomas Gauthier, Postmaster, Amston, CT

Name Title Date Appointed
 Simeon House Postmaster  04/01/1801
  • April 1, 1801 is the date of Simeon House‚Äôs first financial return; his appointment date is unknown.
 Abner Hendee Postmaster  06/13/1814
 Henry H. Fitch Postmaster  02/14/1839
 Abner Hendee Postmaster  07/09/1841
 Orrin C. White Postmaster  08/16/1844
 Cahrles Post Postmaster  06/01/1853
 Cahrles G. Buell Postmaster  06/05/1861
 Horace S. Lee Postmaster  05/16/1873
 John S. Wells Postmaster  10/09/1874
 George S. Bestor Postmaster  03/03/1879
 Marshall Porter Postmaster  05/05/1882
 Lucian H. Leonard Postmaster  10/19/1885
 Walter S. Hewitt Postmaster  03/22/1889
 William W. Jones Postmaster  11/04/1893
 Daniel W. Post Postmaster  06/30/1896
 Frederick A. Rathbun Postmaster  01/18/1907
 Jared B. Tennant Postmaster  05/17/1910
 Bertha R. Porter Postmaster  07/19/1919
  •  Bertha Porter's name was changed to Mrs. Bertha R. Ward by marriage.
 Mrs. Alma E. Porter  Acting Postmaster  03/31/1924
 Mrs. Alma E. Porter  Postmaster  07/24/1924
 William H. Hills  Acting Postmaster  03/31/1957
 William H. Hills  Postmaster  07/03/1958
 Mary A. Healey  Officer-In-Charge  05/16/1980
 Paul J. Pelletier  Postmaster  07/12/1980
 Gloria L. Standish  Officer-In-Charge  09/22/1992
 Sybil B. O'Brien  Officer-In-Charge  11/24/1992
 Dennis J. Coleman  Postmaster  02/06/1993
 William M. Tennell  Officer-In-Charge  09/24/1993
 Chu Chuan (Huang) FallingStar  Postmaster  11/13/1993
 Barbara Andrychowski  Officer-In-Charge  06/30/1995
 Eula J. Kozaczka  Officer-In-Charge  05/16/1996
 Barbara Andrychowski  Officer-In-Charge  08/20/1996
 Alice K. Strasser  Postmaster  09/13/1997
 Mark Parks  Officer-In-Charge  01/15/1999
 Will Quiros  Officer-In-Charge  04/14/1999
 Stanley J. Piotrowski  Postmaster  08/14/1999
 William Dunn  Officer-In-Charge  02/06/2002
 Lori Scatena  Officer-In-Charge  12/03/2002
 Martin Lachapelle  Officer-In-Charge  05/13/2003
 Ken Powchak  Officer-In-Charge
 Scott H. McCall  Postmaster  03/20/2004