Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Anne Ives, Charter Member & Amazing Worker, Passes Away


Less than a day after Anne Ives passed away, this double rainbow appeared over Old Town Hall!

Click here for more about Anne Ives.

Courtesy of Thomas Gauthier, Postmaster, Amston, CT

Name Title Date Appointed
 Simeon House Postmaster  04/01/1801
  • April 1, 1801 is the date of Simeon House‚Äôs first financial return; his appointment date is unknown.
 Abner Hendee Postmaster  06/13/1814
 Henry H. Fitch Postmaster  02/14/1839
 Abner Hendee Postmaster  07/09/1841
 Orrin C. White Postmaster  08/16/1844
 Cahrles Post Postmaster  06/01/1853
 Cahrles G. Buell Postmaster  06/05/1861
 Horace S. Lee Postmaster  05/16/1873
 John S. Wells Postmaster  10/09/1874
 George S. Bestor Postmaster  03/03/1879
 Marshall Porter Postmaster  05/05/1882
 Lucian H. Leonard Postmaster  10/19/1885
 Walter S. Hewitt Postmaster  03/22/1889
 William W. Jones Postmaster  11/04/1893
 Daniel W. Post Postmaster  06/30/1896
 Frederick A. Rathbun Postmaster  01/18/1907
 Jared B. Tennant Postmaster  05/17/1910
 Bertha R. Porter Postmaster  07/19/1919
  •  Bertha Porter's name was changed to Mrs. Bertha R. Ward by marriage.
 Mrs. Alma E. Porter  Acting Postmaster  03/31/1924
 Mrs. Alma E. Porter  Postmaster  07/24/1924
 William H. Hills  Acting Postmaster  03/31/1957
 William H. Hills  Postmaster  07/03/1958
 Mary A. Healey  Officer-In-Charge  05/16/1980
 Paul J. Pelletier  Postmaster  07/12/1980
 Gloria L. Standish  Officer-In-Charge  09/22/1992
 Sybil B. O'Brien  Officer-In-Charge  11/24/1992
 Dennis J. Coleman  Postmaster  02/06/1993
 William M. Tennell  Officer-In-Charge  09/24/1993
 Chu Chuan (Huang) FallingStar  Postmaster  11/13/1993
 Barbara Andrychowski  Officer-In-Charge  06/30/1995
 Eula J. Kozaczka  Officer-In-Charge  05/16/1996
 Barbara Andrychowski  Officer-In-Charge  08/20/1996
 Alice K. Strasser  Postmaster  09/13/1997
 Mark Parks  Officer-In-Charge  01/15/1999
 Will Quiros  Officer-In-Charge  04/14/1999
 Stanley J. Piotrowski  Postmaster  08/14/1999
 William Dunn  Officer-In-Charge  02/06/2002
 Lori Scatena  Officer-In-Charge  12/03/2002
 Martin Lachapelle  Officer-In-Charge  05/13/2003
 Ken Powchak  Officer-In-Charge
 Scott H. McCall  Postmaster  03/20/2004