Churchyard Residents minHistoric Attraction added to St. Peter’s Pumpkin Fest

Prominent citizens from old Hebron, now buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, will be portrayed by members and friends of the Hebron Historical Cemetery this coming weekend from 2-4:00. Cemetery tours will begin in St. Peter’s Church where the well-known Jim Mirakian will play the old organ, and a brief history of the church will be shared.

Cemetery visitors will then be guided to the graves of some old Hebron residents where they will be met by the portrayers. Research has been done on Hebron citizens who lived in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Period clothing will be worn. Visitors will leave feeling that they have met the old folks themselves. A selection of historic residents include Governor John S. Peters, his uncle, the Rev. Samuel Peters, Dr. Cyrus H. Pendleton and his daughter, Susie. Other people featured will be Marjorie Martin, the Douglas Library’s librarian, Jim Batson who was lost in Vietnam, Miss Carrie Kellogg, Town Clerk Della Porter Hills and more. You will “meet” some of Hebron’s military heroes, and other people who made a difference in Hebron.

Cemetery tours have been planned for Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd from 2-4:00 both days. This event will coincide with the St. Peter’s Pumpkin Fest which includes many wonderful free, family oriented events and activities. See for more information.

Governor John S. Peters monument min