Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Old Town Hall Roof Pictures & Video

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Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall


Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall 
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2017 Plant & Tag Sale

Plant SaleOTH Beauty min

Successful Plant & Tag Sales at OTH

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Kyle Nelson, recent RHAM graduate, opted to do his Eagle Project for the Hebron Historical Society at Old Town Hall. As you can see in the photos, he assumed the responsibility for an enormous project. He chose to have the threshold replaced, to prep and paint two sides of Old Town Hall, and to clean out and replace the plantings in front of OTH. There was lots of work to be shared by many of the Troop 28 Boy Scouts.

Since our Capital Campaign was to both replace the roof and paint the OTH, Kyle's project will allow the Historical Society time to raise more money before completing the paint portion of OTH.

Our many thanks to Kyle and all who worked on the project.


Thank You, Carolyn, Shelley & More

Yes, all our thanks must go to Carolyn Aubin & Shelley Neubauer for their unbelievable organizational abilities, work ethics, and fundraising accomplishments. They accepted responsibility for the Hebron Historical Society’s 2017 Plant and Tag Sales, respectively.

No, they didn’t do it alone; they also have many friends and relatives happy to assist them. Among our good friends are:

~~Master Gardeners Elaine Massa, Mary Collins and Karen Sexton, who were available to answer gardening questions and offer plant choice suggestions.

~~Chris Andrulitis, friend to both Shelley and the Douglas Library, who was there every step of the way with sorting, pricing, packing tag sale remainders and helping to deliver them to Savers.

~~Rich Marzi, a special Hebron volunteer, who procured a tent for our use, arranged to borrow tables, and lined up both food and other vendors to add interest to the “Hello Summer Faire”.

~~All the people who donated plants and tag sale items. Without your donations, we couldn’t have these sales!!

~~HHS Members and Directors who can always be counted on to help!!

Together, the plant and tag sales raised over $2,500.00. That income will go into our general account to be used for Historical Society expenses. Our regular expenses are for electricity, heat, internet & insurance – just like yours at home! In addition, we offer interesting programs through the year relating to Hebron and its history.

Unlike many organizations, the HHS owns two buildings. Many people are surprised to learn that the Hebron Historical Society owns both “Old Town Hall” and the Burrows Hill School. Back in 1971, the Town of Hebron transferred to the HHS the deeds for both buildings. It is The Society’s responsibility to maintain these buildings.

You have probably read about our “Raise the Roof” capital campaign that was organized to raise the needed funding for both a new roof as well as exterior painting of Old Town Hall. You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re more than half way there!

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


victorygardenThe Historical Society has sponsored military programs about various wars. While the men were fighting the wars, what were the rest of the population doing at home? During World Wars I and II, the government encouraged people to grow their own vegetables as part of the war effort. Planting a garden was considered a patriotic duty. At first they were called “War Gardens”. By World War II, they had become known as “Victory Gardens”. Elaine Massa’s presentation will include photos and information about the gardens, the government programs offered at the time, and the results of those programs. Following the program, go home and start your own garden!

“War Gardens”

Elaine Massa, Master Gardener & Hebron Resident

Thursday, May 18 -- 7:00 pm

Old Town Hall

The Program is Free and Open to All