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Anne Ives, Charter Member & Amazing Worker, Passes Away


Less than a day after Anne Ives passed away, this double rainbow appeared over Old Town Hall!

Click here for more about Anne Ives.

On December 5, the floor refinishing work began with stripping and sanding the floors, then applied the first coat of industrial polyurethane to all but the stage area, just in time for J. Paul Loether’s inspection visit!

Loether’s scheduled inspection of Old Town Hall on Friday, December 9, had to be rescheduled to December 12 due to a heavy snow storm. The plaster, paint and floor renovations were all approved! Mr. Loether remarked that the building’s interior looked great, and that the newly painted ceilings and open windows made the building look and feel much larger.

The floors should be completely done by Christmas week. After that, Society members will be carefully arranging the furniture and artifacts. After years of Chiquita banana boxes lining the walls, dingy walls and ceilings, and lights that usually worked, we think the newly-renovated Old Town Hall will be a “must-see” on everyone’s list.

No more renovation work will be undertaken until late spring 2006. At that time, exterior carpentry repairs will be made, as will exterior scraping and painting. Stay tuned!

Renovation History: The Hebron Historical Society received a $50,000 grant last year from the State of Connecticut to make much needed renovations and repairs to Hebron’s Old Town Hall.

Not only has the work has begun, but interior renovations are moving rapidly along. Check the site often to see pictures of the various renovation projects.

Electrical repairs by Professional Electric (the winning bidder to our RFP) began on October 5, were completed prior to the Katie Hill show on October 27. The building was updated from a fuse box to a 200 amp circuit breaker system. Other major electrical repairs, including significant rewiring of the entire building, were also completed.

On Wednesday, November 23, the interior plaster and paint work began with the arduous job of moving all the Society’s heavy furniture and covering it in plastic. The work was completed in mid-December. You won’t recognize the inside of Old Town Hall! The new historical green color and bright walls and ceilings lend a warm and inviting atmosphere.

As other bids and work are approved by the State, we will be updating this page. The project must be completed by December 2006 based on the terms of our Funding Agreement with the State of Connecticut.

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