Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall


Eagle Project Spruces up Old Town Hall 
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2017 Plant & Tag Sale

Plant SaleOTH Beauty min

Successful Plant & Tag Sales at OTH

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Kyle Nelson, recent RHAM graduate, opted to do his Eagle Project for the Hebron Historical Society at Old Town Hall. As you can see in the photos, he assumed the responsibility for an enormous project. He chose to have the threshold replaced, to prep and paint two sides of Old Town Hall, and to clean out and replace the plantings in front of OTH. There was lots of work to be shared by many of the Troop 28 Boy Scouts.

Since our Capital Campaign was to both replace the roof and paint the OTH, Kyle's project will allow the Historical Society time to raise more money before completing the paint portion of OTH.

Our many thanks to Kyle and all who worked on the project.


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