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The Hebron Historical Society

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Anne Ives, Charter Member & Amazing Worker, Passes Away


Less than a day after Anne Ives passed away, this double rainbow appeared over Old Town Hall!

Click here for more about Anne Ives.

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall
circa 1905

In May, 2004, the Connecticut Legislature bonded $50,000 for the repairs and renovations of Hebron's Old Town Hall as part of Senate Bill 803. The language of the bill can be found at General Assembly web site and states the following in Section 13 (a) (2):

(2) Grants-in-aid for restoration and preservation of historic structures and landmarks, not exceeding $600,000, provided not more than $50,000 shall be made available to the Hebron Historical Society for restoration of Old Hebron Town Hall.

The Executive Board and members of the Hebron Historical Society have been working with State officials since June, 2004 in order to obtain this grant money and make the much needed repairs and restorations to Old Town Hall. We also gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the Town of Hebron and various legislative offices for their assistance in moving the grant process along. We hope, at a minimum, to at least have the building painted by the end of 2005.

All repairs and renovations must be completed by December 31, 2006 in order to meet the terms of the Funding Agreement with the State of Connecticut.

Gull School House

Since May 2004, Society members have been working diligently to complete renovations to the Gull School House. The building was moved to Hebron Town Center in September 2001, adjacent to the Hebron Town Office Building and the Horton House. Interior renovations are almost complete; exterior renovations will be completed in mid-2005.

Special recognition goes to the following:

  • Thomas Linskey, West River Restorations, Portland, CT. Tom went far beyond the project scope with his work on the windows, floors and interior carpentry. Tom will be working on exterior repairs in mid-2005.
  • Richard Macrina, Hebron, CT. During the course of ceiling repairs, we discovered that the chimney needed to be flashed. Richard volunteered for this job as a community service, and used copper flashing. Excellent job!
  • Craig Cyr, Hebron, CT. Craig has done a variety of jobs on the project, and continues to be highly involved in completing the project.
  • Will Aubin, Hebron, CT, Eagle Scout project. Will is in the process of preparing an inventory of Gull furniture and accessories, painting the interior, and preparing a ready-to-view museum of the Gull, all in time for the Grand Re-Opening Ceremonies on March 12, 2005.

Burrows Hill School House

The Burrows Hill School, believed to be the oldest one room school house in Hebron, will be open once again during Maple Fest on Saturday, March 12, 2005. The school house contains historic furniture and accessories, and remains a gem in Hebron's history.

The Society is seeking individuals or groups who are interested in helping us paint this 1725 school house during 2005. According to pictures from the Smith family collection, the original color of the school house was white, and we want to restore the original color.

Please contact Craig Cyr at 228-9317 if you can help with this painting project.

Peters House on East Street

The Peter's House, which dates back to the mid-1700's, is located on the Lombardi property which was recently purchased by the Town of Hebron as Open Space. The house is in amazing condition, especially given its age.

The Hebron Historic Properties Commission is working with the Town, as well as a variety of State agencies, to determine the best use of the Peter's House. There are many ideas coming from a variety of Commissions, including the Historic Properties Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Historical Society.