Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Anne Ives, Charter Member & Amazing Worker, Passes Away


Less than a day after Anne Ives passed away, this double rainbow appeared over Old Town Hall!

Click here for more about Anne Ives.

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Despite a heavy snowstorm on Thursday, February 24, Marie Billard entertained over 25 people with her program "Frolic in the World of Quilts." It was a delightful evening as Marie showed slides of quilts from all over the world, including Holland, Denmark, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

She also displayed more than 50 of her own quilts, which the attendees were able to touch, feel, and closely study.

Marie is an accomplished quilter with many years of experience with the craft. Her wonderful quilts are routinely displayed at the Historical Society's annual Maplefest Quilt Show.

Quilt Gallery

When Hebron celebrates its 16th Annual Maple Fest this weekend, the Hebron Historical Society will conduct its 17th annual Quilt Show at Hebron’s Old Town Hall.  The Quilt Show is open both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Hebron resident and well-known quilter Nathalie Peltier Horton is once again hosting the show.  She will be displaying 100 quilts that feature designs and fabrics from the historic to the modern.    This year, Horton will be highlighting the quilts of nationally renowned quilter Susan Ferraro. Ferraro has also has appeared on HGTV’s “Simply Quilts” program.

Hebron’s Bicentennial Quilt, crafted in 1976 in honor of America’s Bicentennial, will be displayed for the first time in many years.  Other new and unique quilts by Marie Billard, Jane Wielhauwer, Carla Bue, and Pat Muckenstrom, among others, will also be shown.

Horton will be displaying some of her own unique landscape quilts she has created in the past year, and will be providing quilt demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday.  These demonstrations have been especially popular not only for experienced quilters with detailed questions, but also for those new to quilting.

The suggested donation for the Quilt Show is $2 for adults, and free for children under 12.

In addition, Carla Bue, known statewide as a pre-eminent quilt historian and appraiser, will be available at Old Town Hall from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m on Saturday.  A few weeks ago, Bue delighted over 50 attendees at the Society’s February program, and she will provide written appraisals for your quilt for a nominal fee of $25. 

Joan Toomey will once again be selling her famous “Icy Maple Milk”, but this year will be located in front of the Gale home at 14 Main Street, in between the American Legion and Artisan Framing.  Many people come to the Maple Fest just to savor Toomey’s Maple Milk.

The Society will be selling its book, Images in America: Hebron, at the event for $20.  There are less than 40 copies of the book left, so this may be your last chance to purchase it! 

Finally, the Society will conduct its famous “Teacup Auction” of many valuable gift baskets and collectibles, most of which are hand-crafted by local artists and residents.  The Teacup Auction features items which will delight all age groups.  Winners will be called Sunday night; you need not be present to win.

February 13 (Wed)   Antique Fire Truck Restoration Committee’s Raffle Drawing, Company One
March 8-9 (Sat-Sun)   Maple Fest
Hebron Historical Society’s 19th Annual Quilt Show and Teacup Auction
  15 (Sat)   St. Patrick’s Dinner and Dance, Camp Hemlocks
April 6 (Sun)   Progressive Dinner
May 17 (Sat)   RHAM Alumni Association sponsored Town Dance
May 23-24 (Fri-Sat)   Quest for Home play, a joint event sponsored by RHAM and Hebron Historical Society, RHAM Auditorium
  26 (Mon)   Proclamation Day (Memorial Day Parade with representation of men in uniform over the past 300 years, and women in costume of their respective day; Hebron’s first fire truck, a restored 1937 Ford Sanford to be driven in parade)
June 7 (Sat)   Neighborhood Day – Amston Lake
  14 (Sat)   St. Peter’s Church – History Day
  21 (Sat)   Neighborhood Day – Hope Valley
  28 (Sat)   Treasure Hunt / Family Picnic / Vintage Baseball / Fireworks at Lion’s Fairgrounds
August 2 (Sat)   Neighborhood Day – Gilead
September 4-7 (Thu-Sun)   Hebron Harvest Fair
  20-22 (Fri-Sun)   Re-Enactment
November 1-2 (Sat-Sun)   Arts & Crafts
  7-8 (Fri-Sat)   Quest for Home play, a joint event sponsored by RHAM and Hebron Historical Society, RHAM Auditorium
  11 (Tue   Veterans’ Day – new Civil War memorial stone for town

This quilt contains signature blocks from many well known families, including the Burt, Billard, Dickinson, Turgeon, Cook, Barnes, Kirkham, Rainey, Dunham, Hunt, Heath, Diman, and Fried families. It is believed that this signature quilt was used as a raffle item for the war effort.

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