Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Anne Ives, Charter Member & Amazing Worker, Passes Away


Less than a day after Anne Ives passed away, this double rainbow appeared over Old Town Hall!

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Hebron’s oldest historic monument – Prophet’s Rock – is finally accessible to the public, thanks to Billy Czaja and his dedicated team of Troop 28 Scouts.

Czaja’s Eagle project, sponsored by the Hebron Historical Society and approved by the Town of Hebron in early 2007, focused on creating a more visible and public access to the historic site. This included opening up the stone wall that guarded both the rock and the easement and clearing a path to the site itself. The 450 foot trail was completely overgrown, requiring many weekends to clear brush and cut down dead trees and saplings.

In October 2007, almost 30 Scouts and parents assisted Czaja complete his project as they hauled load after load of wood chips along the new trail leading to the summit. Czaja, a senior at RHAM High School, also installed a large picnic table next to the historic rock.

According to legend, in 1704, men living in Windsor purchased some of the Legatee land, and set off to explore it and identify an area for settlement. After a few months, their wives grew weary of waiting, and decided to make the 25 mile journey themselves, but ultimately got off course in the wilderness. The women found themselves at Prophet’s Rock, scaled the top of the massive boulder, and called out for help. Hearing them, the husbands set off in that direction and soon the families were reunited.

Although the rock and legends associated with it remained a vital part of Hebron history through the centuries, its actual location was a mystery to many. That changed when members of the Smith family decided to develop a portion of their farmland off Burrows Hill Road. Prophet’s Rock happened to be located on that particular parcel, and ultimately both the rock and an easement to it were deeded to the Town of Hebron on March 5, 2003.

Czaja worked closely with Town of Hebron officials, with much support from Andrew Tierney and Jim Taylor of Hebron Public Works and Rich Calarco of Hebron Parks and Recreation. Tierney, Taylor, and Calarco lent valuable assistance in moving the largest rocks and providing 30 yards of wood chips for the trail. Dave Snow also assisted by supplying additional wood chips.

Within hours of completing the project, nearby residents were already walking the trail! The quiet nature of the area and beautiful surroundings offer a peaceful opportunity to reflect on Hebron’s past.

The official sign was installed in March 2008. There is parking for 2-3 vehicles directly in front of the entrance to Prophet’s Rock. From Route 66 (Main Street), turn south on Burrows Hill Road and go approximately 1 ¼ miles. Prophet’s Rock is located on the west side of Burrows Hill Road.

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